This Was A Time When They Thought The Day Would Never End
And Diana, The Princess of Wales And The National Health Service Gave Their Heart and Soul To So Many Families and  Friends...


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 This is: Miss Millennium


In Memory of Diana, The Princess of Wales You Have Also Been Invited To Join The SOS Musical  Millennium Mission For The City Of Southend On Sea Hospital Registered Charity 1057266


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Miss Millennium - Gary Durant - Electronic Sounds


SOS Musical Millennium 1 - Bigbaz Morris - Lady Di - Blues

SOS Musical Millennium 1 - Bigbaz Morris - Dianas Mission - Rock n' Roll

SOS Musical Millennium 2 - Bigbaz Morris - Girl Mine - Rock/R&B

SOS Musical Millennium 2 - Bigbaz Morris - Southern Belle Blues

SOS - Ringtone - 1 - Bigbaz Morris - Dianas Mission - Rock n' Roll

SOS - Ringtone - 2 - Gary Durant - Rockin' Racketeer - Techno Rock







About Tony & Karen Foyle...


Hello there, like some of your neighbours I wanted to help Mid and South Essex Hospitals Charity that comprises of Southend, Basildon & Broomfield Hospitals. And one of the main reason’s why I created this fundraiser that is called SOS Musical Millennium is because Southend Hospital Charity is special.

My wife Karen was seriously ill just before last Christmas 2019 with Sepsis and I am pleased to say she has made a full recovery and came home to celebrate her 75th birthday on January the 1st 2020 with all of her family. And I wish to give something back to The NHS in appreciation for all their dedication and care looking after my wife. And all of her family are so grateful to every one of you, thank you all very much Tony and Karen.

But as I always say pleased to meet you my name is Tony Foyle and I am a local Author & Lyricist. And I have written the song lyrics to sixteen songs the Title of this song is Cold Cold Christmas: This is a Classic Country Bluesy Christmas Song and it is another great song from The Foyle & Huskisson Collaboration that was written in 1997 in honour of Diana, The Princess of Wales. All the written musical arrangements and piano and clarinet are by my Co-writer Tim Huskisson with David Janson singing. We also wrote I Slipped and Fell in 1998 with Southend Talent Wendy Roberts singing together with Al Vosper’s brilliant guitar solo and with Tim playing the piano again and also writing all the musical arrangements. And I just could not resist writing Cold Cold Country with Tim Huskisson musical talent who had an aptitude for writing my sad and sentimental songs. But this time it was Al Vosper singing with Tim playing piano and clarinet that was a more up-tempo version of this song. And I would also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Tim Huskisson, David Janson, Wendy Roberts and of course Al Vosper for there performances to date.


About Gary Durant...

And then along came Gary Durant in 1999 and the Foyle & Durant Collaboration was formed and twelve great songs came alive. Once again I wrote the songs lyrics and Gary my Co-writer wrote all of the musical arrangements for This Millennium Musical Album that was completed in the year 2000.

Because there are so many songs on this album I will only mention The Song Titles and give you a brief description of some tracks involving Gary Durant and Sandra Cullum singing together.

Most of these songs have got The Eighties Feel to them with Gary’s music of that time. The Song Titles are as follows:

News of The World…Your So Futuristic…Miss Millennium…Essex Girls…Big Cat’s Back In Town…Millennium Bug…Inaction Superstar…The Morning After…Nightmare on Hamstel Road…Josephine…When Good Ole Boys Sing Country Songs Tonight… Rockin’ Racketeer…

I would like to draw to your attention Gary Durant and Sandra Cullum share singing Inaction Superstar and Miss Millennium and they are two of my favourite tracks from this album. And I would also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Gary and Sandra for singing on this futuristic Millennium Musical Album that is supporting Mid and South Essex Hospitals Charity.


About Kirk Duncan...

It was probably by chance and my good fortune that Kirk Duncan crossed my path in 2005 when I wrote the song lyrics to Saint Valentine’s Day. This is a great ballad classic song from The Foyle & Duncan Collaboration and all of the written musical arrangements for Saint Valentine’s Day were by my Co-writer Kirk Duncan. And I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking Kirk for singing and recording and playing his keyboard on this wonderful song for my wife The Lovely Karen Foyle who I married on Saint Valentine’s Day thank you so much Kirk I am really grateful Tony & Karen…


About Bigbaz Morris...

We also have four songs already written and recorded for a new album with a further twelve songs to go into our wishing well by Southend Singing Legend & Composer Barry Morris – better known as Bigbaz. This is part of the continuing fundraiser called SOS Musical Mission that is also supporting

Mid and South Essex Hospitals Charity. Musician Bigbaz Morris is also the recording technician who also wrote all of the Musical Arrangements for the following songs. I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking Bigbaz for singing and playing guitar and Steve Cole for Blues Harp on Lady Di and Dianas Mission and Gordon Parrish for his scintillating guitar solo on GIRL MINE and Baz’s latest contribution to a new album that is: Southern Belle Blues…  

There will be more songs coming in due course from The Foyle & Morris Collaboration. And once again all of the musicians have given their services for free and together with their excellent support of the SOS Musical Mission CD sales will go direct to Mid and South Essex Hospitals Charity.

 As a point of interest all of my musical associates have given their services free. This is a call for help on behalf of the SOS Musical Millennium: Links on - Amazon.com - facebook - YouTube – Google A.W.S. Foyle and also please check out my website or go to my: Just Giving Page: Anthony W S Foyle for an update of the target on this SOS Musical Millennium Mission thank you for all of your help Tony & Karen Foyle…




Mission Control

Raising funds for Southend Hospital, registered charity 1057266

Mid and South Essex Hospitals in the South East of England:

City of Southend On Sea, Basildon & Broomfield Hospitals Essex



Thank You

And All The Keyworkers On The Frontline



SOS Musical Millennium 1

SOS Musical Millennium 2

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