A.W.S. Foyle Author And Lyricist Booking Into The Future…
                               A.W.S. Foyle Author And Lyricist Booking Into The Future…

You Have Been Invited To Join The SOS Musical Mission For Southend Hospital Charity

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Southend Hospital Charity


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And All The Keyworkers On The Frontline


This is: SOS Musical Mission The Fundraiser Motivator...





A.W.S.Foyle Author and Lyricist

Join The SOS Musical Mission today and make a donation please


Direct To Southend Hospital Charity

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This is: SOS Musical Mission

Southend Hospital Charity

Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Pleased to meet you my name is Tony Foyle and I am an Author & Lyricist. I created this fundraiser for Southend Hospital Charity. Because my wife Karen was seriously ill just before last Christmas 2019 with Sepsis and I am pleased to say she has made a full recovery and came home to celebrate her 75th birthday on January the 1st 2020 with all of her family.

And it’s with a huge helping hand from my Co-writer Southend Legend and Singer & Composer Barry Morris. I have written the lyrics to four new songs and with a further twelve songs in The Wishing Well.

Musician Bigbaz Morris is also the recording technician who wrote all of the Musical Arrangements for these songs featured on The SOS Musical Mission.

The song Titles so far are, Lady Di…Dianas Mission…GIRL MINE…Southern Belle Blues…that form part of The SOS Musical Mission that Barry and Tony have created in this new Blues and Rock n’ Roll album. I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking Bigbaz for Singing and playing guitar and Steve Cole for Blues Harp on Lady Di and Dianas Mission and Gordon Parrish for his scintillating guitar solo on GIRL MINE and featuring Bigbaz on Southern Belle Blues. These musicians have given their services for free and together with their excellent support of Southend Hospital Charity.

All of these donations will go direct to This Charity. And proceeds of this new CD will also go to Southend Hospital Charity Essex, England.

You can make a personal donation on facebook my page Anthony W S Foyle or you can go direct to my Youtube or my website that is: www.a-w-s-foyletheofficialwebsite.com We all support this Southend much-loved charity and we are grateful for your interest in The Foyle & Morris Collaboration so far in support of The SOS Musical Mission. And I would also like to say a big thank you to everybody who has already made a personal and kind donation to this charity. And I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone especially the proprietor of The Glasshouse Café Warrior Square Southend On Sea Liz Cole. The CD will be available at The Café so why not call in and have a coffee with us and buy a copy of The Album.

Thank you very much for all of your help on The SOS Musical Mission that is supporting my fundraiser for Southend Hospital Charity… Please play these unique songs on Soundcloud Diana’s Page. And if you wish to make a donation to Southend Hospital Charity go to my facebook Anthony W S Foyle, because we are so grateful for your interest thank you very much

for coming on board The SOS Musical Mission Tony…


Google: a.w.s.foyle



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