This Was A Time When They Thought The Day Would Never End And The NHS Gave Their Heart n' Soul To So Many Families and Friends
 This Was A Time When They Thought The Day Would Never EndAnd The NHS Gave Their Heart n' Soul To So Many Families and  Friends                                   

A.W.S. Foyle Author And Lyricist...


A.W.S. Foyle Author And Lyricist


Well, you have nearly come to the end of your journey I hope that you have enjoyed listening to some of our unique songs about Diana, The Princess of Wales.

The pleasure has been all mine and I sincerely hope when you read my books

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Lucifer Makepeace And Planet of The Monniez…


Lucifer Makepeace And The Incredible Missions...


I Hope You Enjoyed The SOS Musical Millennium Mission

For Mid and South Essex Hospital Charity


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