Just For The Record Friends There’s Sixteen Songs On This CD…
                         Just For The Record Friends There’s Sixteen Songs On This CD…              


A.W.S. Foyle Author And Lyricist

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A.W.S. Foyle Author And Lyricist


SOS Musical Millennium

Southend Hospital Charity

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Well hello there and welcome on board of www.a-w-s-foyletheofficialwebsite.com please let me bring you up to date on my journey so far. I was a builder turned property developer and in the 1980s I grabbed the property boom with the enthusiasm of a gold miner. And then along came the shadow of the recession in the 1990s and we lost the business. I had to do something to earn a living and with my entrepreneur spirit I started driving a taxi. And that’s when I first started writing songs and I said to one of the other drivers all you need is a piece of paper and a pen that was twenty years ago. At that time as reported by The Southend Evening Echo I teamed up with Musician Tim Huskisson and in 1997 we wrote “Cold Cold Christmas’’. The public’s outpouring of grief following Diana’s death in a car crash in Paris in August inspired Tony, 52, to write this ballad. He said: it was the people’s power, which really moved me. “The tragedy got to everyone and I wanted to do something to express that.” Tony has begun selling recorded copies of his song to passengers from the back of his taxi. He added: We have had the song professionally recorded at a studio in Southend. Since we began selling the tape, we have sold more than 500 copies. We are really pleased. Proceeds from the tape will be donated to one of Princess Diana’s favourite charities – Great Ormond Street Hospital…



Cabbie’s Song For Princess




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I would like to come on board with Diana, The Princess Of Wales vintage music journey and listen to these sad and sometimes sentimental songs. I would also like to Pledge A Pound Please to go direct to Southend Hospital Charity. Thanking you for your commitment and your kind donation...




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Welcome to the cutting edge of The SOS Musical Millennium your generous gift to Southend Hospital Charity will go direct to their futuristic and revolutionary medical taskforce. The good thing is, enjoy the experience of being honest, just upright and true travelling through the SOS Musical Millennium Timeline. Thank you for all of your help in supporting Southend Hospital Charity…





A.W.S. Foyle Author And Lyricist


SOS Musical Millennium


20 Unique Songs


Play Our Songs And The Memories Will Last For Ever…



Lady Di - Foyle - Morris


Dianas Mission - Foyle - Morris


GIRL MINE - Foyle - Morris


Southern Belle Blues - Foyle - Morris


Saint Valentine's Day Foyle - Duncan


Josephine - Foyle - Durant


Nightmare On Hamstel Road - Foyle - Durant


Millennium Bug - Foyle - Durant


Rockin' Racketeer - Foyle - Durant


When Good Ole Boys Sing Country Songs Tonight - Foyle - Durant


Inaction Super Star - Foyle - Durant


Big Cat's Back In Town Foyle -n Durant


 Essex Girls - Foyle - Durant


Your So Futuristic - Foyle - Durant


News of The World - Foyle - Durant


Cold Cold Country – Foyle - Huskisson


I Slipped And Fell – Foyle - Huskisson


Cold Cold Christmas – Foyle - Huskisson


Miss Millennium – Foyle - Durant


The Morning After - Foyle - Durant


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